The wedding season of 2016 is behind us and we would now like to share some of your photos a little more often. Somehow there’s more free time although we will soon be running wedding photography workshops at the start of February.

Basia and Szymon’s wedding took place in a scenic Willa Tadeusz in Lanckorona last September. During our first meeting, which we organised over ‘Skype coffee’, they talked a lot about themselves, their ideas and dreams. They also discussed unconventional ideas which they wanted to fulfil, which did not entirely follow Polish wedding traditions- they had planned a ceremony by the pool, their reception was to be in a tent and people would be given the opportunity to chat endlessly under the open sky. I knew it had to work! It was colourful, joyful and spontaneous. For the whole day I felt a kind of great happiness radiating from every single person surrounding me. Throughout the whole time you got a sense that the villa was a unique little place in that it appears hidden and only those who dare to explore it, get to enter.

In secret I will tell you that Basia and Szymon’s wedding will appear in an upcoming Bridelle book called ‘Projekt nasz ślub’ as one of the 54 successful weddings out of 3000 entries. But hey I only know this ‘unofficially’ so shhh…!

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Piękne zdjęcia. Niesamowita suknia Panny Młodej. Nikt nie wpadł do tego basenu?

13:53 1 grudnia, 2017