Loud singing accompanied by folk music, a historical wooden church in the Nowosadecki Ethnographic Park, atmospheric interiors of the Dwór w Brzeznej and the beautiful couple in love, Jaga and Kuba. All of these things were present during one hot day in July… It was traditional, classy and throughout the whole time the atmosphere remained carefree and light.

I was not the only photographer that day though; I was accompanied by Gavin James whom I met on one of the photography portals. Gavin is a great guy and I knew that that day would be a perfect opportunity to show him what Polish weddings are like. Please take a look at the photo-story which he created for Jaga and Kuba, if you wish.

Gavin James – Jaga & Kuba

Gavin, thank you one more time for the opportunity to work with you!

Sit down, relax and put on an atmospheric song and let the pictures take you to Nowosadecczyzna!

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