Jagoda, Rafał i Radek – family photoshoot


Photographers are often hired to capture significant events which can be remembered years later. But what about everyday, less spectacular events?  First steps, first bruises after a bike ride… Or a fixed stylish car which has been lying around in the garage waiting for a worthy successor after being handed down by an older cousin. Sometimes these small events stay in our hearts and minds being the few childhood memories that remain. I know that we all have cameras at home but sometimes it might be worth letting someone else under our magical roof; someone who will notice the little things we don’t notice anymore- after all we are used to seeing them every day!

Arranging our meeting took a long while but it was worth it! Even the four-legged family members, dogs Isman, Bundy, Galgan and Pestka took part in the photo session. I had so much fun watching Radek being cheeky to his parents. Even the cloudy weather did not bother us; what many people don’t realise is that such conditions are actually perfect when it comes to taking pictures and the photos do not necessarily come out ‘grey’. Here I would like to invite you to take a look at the ‘insignificant’, every day fun and play with Jagoda, Rafal and Radek.

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Dawid Miarka

Dobre foty. Fajny materiał :).

14:16 23 stycznia, 2015