1459997_10200383454547454_51022191_nEvery time I create a new blog entry I wonder what to write about. Seriously! 🙂 On one had I have countless ideas and on the other I am not sure how to phrase them right. This time I will start by saying how I actually decided to set off on a trip to Vietnam, which is a rather exotic place. It happened after talking to my good friend Emilia who just loves to travel. Almost all of her time is dedicated to planning, organising, flying and travelling; the rest is for persuading people like me to go on a trip together! 😀

What captivated me most about that place? Definitely the people who were incredibly nice every step of the way. Although hardly anyone spoke English, they always tried to find a way to communicate and help us. Also the incredible and wild flora amazed us with its wonderful colours.

There were also cons – things particularly strange for us Europeans, but normal for their culture. In Vietnam’s two biggest cities which we went to: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City there is a lot of traffic due to countless motorcycles which almost everyone there possesses. Of course I am kidding – I have never counted their number but I doubt anyone else would attempt that! 🙂 I do not know how many there were but there were looooooots! There were also no traffic rules- everyone was going at 20km/h and tried to dodge each other so as not to cause an accident. As a result going against the traffic is pretty normal and same goes for jumping a red light or turning right at a no right turn. A once in a lifetime experience I’m telling you! 🙂

The route we took was as follows:

London ->Ho Chi Minh City -> Hanoi -> SaPa -> Ha Long Bay -> Hanoi -> Da Nang -> Hoi An -> Phu Quoc Island through Ho Chi Minh City -> Back to London

Whilst there we mainly used planes due to their relatively low cost and short time of travel. In total we had 7 flights during our 16 day journey. I would like to invite you to take a look at this beautiful and exotic place :).

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Kamil Czernecki

Świetne zdjęcia i reportaż. Uwielbiam Waszą obróbkę. Z ciekawości zapytam : jakie szkła zabrałeś z sobą na wyprawę ?

12:59 2 kwietnia, 2015

Agata Ziętarska

Rewelacyjne zdjęcia, sprawiają, że chce się tam pojechać!

11:54 26 kwietnia, 2015