Wedding session in Tuscany

A wedding photo session in Tuscany was Piotrek and Ela’s dream as that is where he proposed to her. It is well-known that traveling, discovering new places and cultures can be very inspirational to artists. As photographers we are artists too. During our trips abroad we often realise there are different ways of capturing couples in love. After all, with different latitude comes different light intensity, its colour and also the so called 'golden hour’ can last relatively longer!

I bet you’re wondering how a photo session like this one works? The main factor you have to take into account is time. We spent 4 days together driving around in a rented car. I was lucky enough that my 'clients’ were well-prepared and had planned to a visit to a beautiful town called San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in one of the most well-known regions of Tuscany, val d’Orcia. The rhythm of the day is dictated by sunrise and sunset – we try to make good use of those 'golden hours’, when we think light is best.

And so we have now completed outdoor sessions in Venice, Thailand, Iceland, Santorini and Montenegro. We did not expect this list to grow so quickly, which gives us great joy! So… who’s ready for our next escapade?

Sesja ślubna w ToskaniiToskania zachód słońca para młodaSan Gimignano ulica sesja ślubnawelon, detale ślubne

portret panny młodej , san gimignano

San Gimignano sesja ślubnakrajobraz w Toskaniitoskania val d'OrciaSesja ślubna w Toskanii

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