Paulina & Kolja – Jabłoń Lake Resort

para młoda na rowerze

490 km (305 miles) was the distance I was going to cover to get to Pisz. As a teenager I sailed in the Masurian Lake District a few times, however, I had never come across that town before.

First you must know that it is located close to the Brzozolasek Lake, home to the Jablon Lake Resort, which is a charming 'oasis of peace’ with a friendly atmosphere where you can relax. Add a couple of two nutty individuals in-love with a 'bicycle and journey’ themed wedding and voila! 🙂

You know only these two nutcases could be late for their own wedding just because I suggested the light was great in a forest nearby. We stopped for a short photo session, where we took a few pictures, and right next to us was a yellow Triumph Spitfire 1500! Impossible? I don’t think so! After that I knew these two trusted me 100%.

There was one more thing which meant I really enjoyed taking photos at that wedding – a 'mix’ factor. There was a mix of people from different cultures, from all over the world. The decorations were mixed too with both rustic and elegant elements present. Those slightly more observant will also notice that the music was also mixed – both traditional and and local folk tunes was played. And if you thoughtthat the language was a barrier you could not be more wrong!

I won’t bore you with any more details as I have already written more than enough! 😉 Enjoy the pictures!

jablon lake resortplan slubu - motyw roweruspinki slubne z roweremzaproszenie slubne - motyw roweruprzygotowania pani młodejdumna mamatriumph spitfire do slubufajny samochod do slubutriumph spitfire do slubuwesele w jablon lake resort

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