Fearless is an organisation which brings together wedding photographers from all over the world. About 200 original wedding pictures, which push the limits of photography, are chosen four times a year to receive the ‘Fearless Award’. The 200 awarded photos are only about 2-3% of the total pictures submitted to the competition. Below are our very own award winning photographs:


The other significant international organisation is the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (www.ispwp.com). Here again 20 pictures in 20 categories are picked four times a year. Below are our photographs (with their respective categories & places) which have been awarded.

Najlepsze zdjęcie ślubne 2016 rokukreatywna fotografia ślubnaPlener ślubny w Tatrach, najlepszy fotografSesja slubna w WenecjiNajlepszy fotograf slubny w PolsceNajlepszy fotograf slubnyNajlepszy fotograf ślubny

It was a pleasure for us to be judges during the edition “Summer 2017”