Monday August 8th, 2016


Morning, forest, Lanckorona. We really like Lanckorona for its old buildings and atmosphere. For being close to nature. And if you have ever been there you probably felt the same way. We met Damian and Ania at a photography workshop, which we organised for them. Even though they said “I do” a long time ago, they decided to update their family photo album with a few new shots. And this is how we got involved.

There has not been much going on on the blog recently and it’s all because we have been very busy thanks to you. We would like to, however, change that. We are currently preparing a few posts for you e.g. one about one of the most beautiful stables in Poland, and another from a far-away, cold land of Iceland. Talk to you soon!

In the meantime, please take a look at the photographs from Lanckorona…:)


Mariusz Skoczylas

Hej ! Coś hosting szwankuje, strona przestaje działać co jakiś czas.

08:30 November 12, 2016


Z przyjemnością obejrzałem.

13:24 November 24, 2016


Piękne zdjęcia. Widać, że autor ma profesionalne podejście do pracy. Pozdrawiam!

11:43 December 4, 2016