Thursday August 7th, 2014



Photography and travelling go great together and what better time for wedding photographers to travel than during the dead, winter season? Last winter we travelled the furthest we ever have (even though we travelled separately). Lukasz went travelling in Vietnam for 3 weeks and I went to India and Nepal for a month. Closing the doors to our office made us realise that we would not see each other for almost 2 months because of the different timings of our holidays. This would definitely be the longest amount of time we would not see other for… about 7 to 8 years!?

In today’s post I would like to take you to a world of Indian streets and faces. A world full of colour yet quite drastically contrasting with the world of a European taking his first steps on the Asian continent. Reading blog posts, whilst preparing myself for the journey, made me think that their descriptions were over-exaggerated. They were not. My first text messages to my family described the poverty and the poor living conditions over there… Truly terrible poverty… Having landed in New Delhi (only (!) 22 mln inhabitants) and trying to catch up with my three friends who had arrived there the week before I had no idea what was going on around me. If you know the ‘Kot Poploch’ memes then you can get a picture of what I was feeling at the time.

My journey went like this: a train from New Delhi to Gorakhpur (trying to make my way through 3 coaches to get to the toilet made me feel more like I was doing wall climbing, just using people, because of the large crowds). There I was united with my happy gang of friends. From there we made our way to Nepal, but this will be described in another post. After a week in Nepal we went to West Bengal where we visited a city called Darjeeling famous for its tea plantations and view of the Kangchenjunga, which unfortunately we could not visit due to bad weather conditions. From there it was ‘only’ 30h on a sleeper bus (with actual beths!) to Kolkata which was 600km away where me and Marek finished our journey and Piotrek and Bogus continued on to Thailand and Laos.


Grzesiek i Karolina

Świetne zdjęcia, też zamierzamy się tam wybrać w okolicach lutego. Świetnie wyszedł na zdjęciu ten staw. Pozdrawiam,

15:09 December 9, 2014


Zdjęcia są mega! Kiedyś na pewno się tam wybiorę z rodziną. Takie zdjęcia to mega pamiątka. Pozdrawiam,

19:45 January 15, 2015


Indie to świetne miejsce to fotografii streetowej. Przy okazji zupełnie inna kultura i krajobraz. Życzę kolejnych ciekawych sesji ;)

17:15 March 11, 2016