Edyta & Oktawiusz – Osada Młyńska

It is a warm August evening. My loyal dog is sleeping quietly on my lap and I’m trying to remember Edyta and Oktawiusz’s day. I could, of course, start off by saying that she was beautiful and he was handsome, but that would be too clichéd! I could feel that it was going to be a special day whilst driving to their location that day and the reason why was exactly their chosen location…

Every day the number of quaint wedding places increases which makes us very happy. We are also happy about the fact that we get to work in such places more and more often. Places, where each and every detail is taken care of, not only when it comes to the logistics and comfort but also visually. These details are incredibly important to us, photographers.

Osada Młyńska is exactly one of those places. There is a magical atmosphere that makes your tie loosen on its own, your sleeves somehow end up rolled up (all by themselves!), and women’s feet touch the bare grass as their heels get lost somewhere by their folding chairs… And let me tell you their folding chairs and hay bundles have cheering up powers as the human interactions going on there made all the dancing secondary.

For those of you interested: Dress – Madonna, Shoes – Showroom Ksis, Suit – Signor Leone, Decorations – Osada Młyńska, Bouquet and headpiece – Kwiatowa Przystań.


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